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W I S H™ - was born out of a simple concept – Clear Skin without the use of irritating chemicals or the need for harmful prescriptions.  Next generation breakthrough technology has not been available until now. WISH™ products are effective for each life stage, once skin is clear we offer support products to keep and maintain clear skin for a lifetime.

What is WISH? – WISH™ is a collection of products and kits designed to Clear Skin while preserving and protecting the integrity of the skin, not accelerating the aging process or compromising the long-term health and radiance of the skin. WISH™ stands for “Wisdom Inspired Skin Health™.

Formulation – All products are free from commons irritants and inexpensive fillers, formulations are Vegan, cruelty free, tested on humans never animals.  We believe it’s just as important what you keep out of your formulas as what you include.  For these reasons we don’t believe in the use of parabens, artificial/synthetic fragrance or dyes.  We do incorporate organic, skin loving plant-based ingredients combined with pharmaceutical grade actives in each formula,

Ethos - We believe everyone deserves access to clear radiant skin; we define ourselves as “Confidence disguised as skin care” Our company's ethos, Attainable clear skin for all. Our mission is to combine the latest skin care technology in a first to market format.

WHO? Confidence is something we feel strong about at WISH. We have witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of acne both short and long term.  The emotional and physical scars of bad skin can last a lifetime. Our founder has spent 24 years in the professional skin care channel and has directed development for some of the industry’s top selling formulations both for acne prone and aging skin.  His vision was to create a brand that would be accessible to all.

meet the founder
David Valenzuela

Aveda + Dermalogica + CosMedix = WISH™

Inclusive for All

For over twenty years I served in executive roles overseeing the development and distribution for some of the worlds most coveted brands.  After listening to hundreds of consumers say to me "I WISH my skin looked like this" or "I WISH my hair looked like that" or "I WISH the product smelled like this" WISH {Wisdom Inspired Skin Health} was born! I founded WISH to provide affordable, prescription free, inclusive, and effective skin solutions.  I recognized a disparity between harmful prescriptions, “professionally” positioned products, soaring price points and drugstore brands claiming to "Reverse the signs of aging" I knew there was a better way!

Everyone should have access to effective products anytime, anywhere.  My team and I set out on a mission to provide scientifically validated skincare solutions attainable to everyone. 

We select active ingredients that support healthy skin, not destroy it. Our bodies are intelligent; the skin can balance and correct itself when treated effectively.  The market is saturated with overpriced products, using technology dating back to the early 1960’s.

We include complex, rigorous formulation, ingredient and real people testing.  We never test on animals or use questionable ingredients. We do test on our own faces and that of our panel ranging from tweens to mature skin types.

My goal as the founder was to engineer professional grade plant based formulas while simplifying usage.  We invite you to experience them today.  Welcome to the WISH family, radiate confidence!


Founder WISH™ Skin Health

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