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Affordable continuing education is imperative. WISH provides unique and advantageous ways to invest in post-graduation education. Learn about the topical microbiome, acne and skin health axis. Online self-paced learning allows you to plan around life. Designed to empower the licensed esthetic professional and their team. Receive the knowledge and tools needed to effectively treat and support clients suffering with acne long-term. Monthly onboarding is limited. Begin with the end in mind.

Industry Testimonials


Being a new esthetician and seeing how big companies sometimes put small businesses on the back burner was pretty discouraging, but you have most definitely made up for it with your absolutely amazing product line and customer service! We really appreciate your transparency and love everything about WISH. Looking forward to continuing to work with you!

Hannah Smith

Wholistically Beautiful, VA


"WISH is not just a product line it's a skin health revolution"

Maxine Drake

Maxine Drake Consulting, FL


Honestly, it is priceless. Priceless that you can get and spend 60 minutes a whole hour. I mean, honestly, if you don't know that, sit on that, marinate on it. If you're not really familiar with David's story, I mean, David, you give credit where credit is due, you highlight other people, but baby, I'm here to highlight you!

Melinda Miné

The Spa Profit, TX


If you guys are wanting something really really good (aka a million times better than face reality), I highly suggest looking into Wish Skin Health's acne course. I learned more about acne than the FR course. Plus it goes into pigmentation and about different types of acne scarring.

Tiffany McCarthy

Fern & Dagger, NH


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show you how I can fit into the WISH family. I am excited to learn so much more and to only grow into something bigger and better. Huge appreciation for you and your team to help and guide me reach my goals. 🤍

April Sotelo

April's Skin Lounge, CA

Esthetic Ethos

Empower esthetic professionals through the art and science of microbiome skin health™. Recession proof business through time tested practices.

Founder Guidance

Reach beyond equality to equity. Accelerate growth with 1-on-1 onboarding and ongoing, self-paced education from our founder.

Supportive Clear-Care

Microbiome health is the pinnacle of human health. Meticulously crafted formulations synergistically support and fortify the skin barrier naturally.

Restorative Peels

Powerful doesn't have to mean aggressive. Protocols are designed with ultimate skin health in mind. Gently exfoliate, decongest, and balance compromised barriers.

Pro Resources

Expertly curated tools support your learning journey. Follow along and take notes about topics that matter to you and your client base. Real time solutions that impact your success.

Professional ℞

Reserved for the PRO. Amplified formulas designed for the esthetic professional to prescribe if and when needed. Game changing results from professional experts.

Mandelica 5% Emerge Biome Repair Phyto-Active Clearing Serum MacroMoisture+ C21 Youth Glow Serum


Intelligent Clearing

WISH has a developed a full range of proprietary formulations. Combat common skin concerns, such as acne and inflammation while nourishing and supporting the skin's natural defenses. By optimizing the microbiome, WISH helps restore the skin's natural ability to repair and regenerate, for a lifetime of clear, healthy, radiant skin.

Active Deep Dive Clear-Care
Welcome Kits


Accelerate the learning experience with 1x of each retail product upfront. Includes interactive Product Mastery student booklet. Available only to enrolling students.

Discover how your day-to-day choices can optimize the microbiome for improved skin and overall health.
Simply Brilliant

Out of the Box Solutions

The WISH Skin Health Pantry Box™ is strategically designed to offer turnkey solutions that make success in the treatment room a clear choice. Think of it as a treatment room in a box or one box per treatment room.

  • 4x of each retail product 
  • Complete Backbar setup
  • RestoraPlex™ I II & III 
  • Premium Shopping Totes
  • Client Ritual cards
  • Reference material

Education that sets you apart


Access empirical, validated training. Join the fastest growing skin health brand in the US.


Enjoy a globally curated, founder-mediated learning experience designed to support you.


Change the trajectory of your esthetic career. Learn to treat the #1 skin condition in the US.

ABOUT THE COURSE Skin health and the importance of the microbiome have recently gained a lot of attention. But what’s beyond the rapidly expanding market of advice and products that claim to nourish and balance our topical microbiota? As scientific research advances, so does our comprehension of the intricate relationship between the skin, human body, and the unseen world of microbes it hosts. It’s becoming clear that a well-functioning microbiome, is connected to the overall health of our body, mind, and CONFIDENCE.


Distinguish between facts and assertions in this online course, led by David Valenzuela. Learn how the topical microbiome can be controlled and leveraged to manage skin conditions such as acne and concerns like aging, to enhance overall skin health long-term.

Discover why the microbiome has become a crucial focus in the treatment of acne, PIH, aging, and other skin conditions.

Learn how precision health therapies such as computational chemistry are used to manage the topical microbiome.

Gain a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between the skin's microbiome and acne, supported by exceptional business support and educational material.

Learn how the microbiome plays a key role in the overall health of the skin. Understand the pathology of acne, true causes and how to treat it.

What are acne triggers? Learn what common things to avoid and how to guide your clients towards successful clearing. Understand hormones and how they are linked to acne and how to best manage with internal as well as external considerations.

Learn how to best support your clients skin in a "one-size-fits-one" approach. Gain a deep understanding of how to treat, clear and support long term skin health with both products and professional services.

To be a certified acne practitioner you must have a thorough understanding of things related to acne both pre and post. Learn the after math of acne and how to guide your professional recommendations.

Become the expert and gain a thorough understanding of ingredient chemistry and how to prescribe each product. We call this Product Mastery and believe this is the defining difference between good and great. Consumers are reaching for Mastery in 2024 and beyond, learn the tools needed to excel in your esthetic practice.

What are best practices? We have gathered information from around the globe to guide you in successful treatment protocols. Learn what works and what doesn't from other professionals focused on acne treatment.

Invest in Yourself

Which offer is right for me? Avoid option fatigue, take your business to where you want it to be. Need-based offers cater to your practice's specific goals. Consult the ROI graph below to assess how each package can help launch your business into its next successful chapter. Designed with you in mind.

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Focus on Learning

Select the payment plan that's right for you when you select Shop Pay at checkout.

  • every 2 weeks for 6 weeks
  • every month for 6 months
  • every month for 12 months

Explore personalized payment options at checkout.

Continuing education is the single most important thing you can do for yourself and your team. Recession proof your thriving esthetic business with time tested practices. Become a PRO and begin treating acne in as little as 2 weeks.

  • Practitioner Course
  • Welcome Kit
  • Pantry Box™
  • 1 on 1 onboarding
  • 24/7 Academy access
  • Founder onboarding
  • Ongoing business support

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