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Skin Microbiome Ecosystem
The skin microbiome plays an important role in the pathogenesis and development of acne. Referencing the Journal of Dermatology we aimed to investigate the facial skin microbiome of patients with acne and the microbiome differences related to different grades (types) of acne. Skin swabs from nine healthy controls and 67 acne patients were collected,...
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Hydroxy Acids, Why We Need Them
There are several acids on the market today.  In this post we will break down some of those used in topical skin care preparations and explain the mechanism of action between them.  This is a simplified overview, designed to help you make product selections...
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Foods to Avoid
Unfortunately there is no definitive list of foods that cause acne. Everyone is unique, there are however foods known to cause inflammatory responses in the body. Knowledge of foods that cause inflammation in the body (and therefore the skin) should...
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