Wisdom Inspired Skin Health Pantry Box. Turnkey solutions make success in the treatment room a clear choice. Think of it as a treatment room in a box or one box per treatment room. 4x of each retail product Complete Backbar setup RestoraPlex Peels Reference material

Pantry Box™

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Pantry Box, what's included

  • 4x of each retail product 
  • Back Bar Set-Up: 1 each of cleanser, toner, moisturizers/spf, and mask
  • RestoraPlex™ I II & III 
  • Client take home Ritual Cards
  • Premium WISH branded Shopping Totes
  • Reference material

Reserved for enrolling students, certified pros, and qualified purchasers. Not for consumer purchase.

Confidence in a Box

Success in the treatment room, without compromise.

Complete Back Bar Setup

  • ResortaPlex I II & III
  • Emerge Biome Reapir
  • Calming Cleansing Gel
  • Confidently Clean
  • Pore [Re]Balancing Toner
  • Conditioning Hydra-Mist
  • MicroMoisture+
  • MacroMoisture+
  • Light Magic+ SPF30
  • Ultimate Detox Clay Mask

Professional Prescriptives

  • 4x Mandelica 10%
  • 4x Mandelica 15%
  • 4x Clarify 5%
  • 4x Clarify 10%


  • 4x Emerge Biome Repair
  • 4x Calming Cleansing Gel
  • 4x Confidently Clean


  • 4x Conditioning Hydra-Mist
  • 4x Pore [Re]Balancing Toner


  • 4x Phyto-Active Clearing Serum
  • 4x C21 Youth Glow Serum
  • 4x Mandelica 5%
  • 4x Clarify 3%

Moisturizers & SPF

  • 4x MicroMoisture+
  • 4x MacroMoisture+
  • 4x Light Magic+ SPF30

Support Products

  • 4x Ultimate Detox Clay Mask
  • 4x LipMate

Complimentary Totes

  • 10 Premium WISH branded totes
  • Convenient 8x 4x 10"
  • 40% PCW paper 100% Recyclable
  • Soft cotton twill handles

Thrive in Esthetic Confidence